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Our Team

Victor J Malagisi

Founder Victor J Malagisi, has build the organization with the Four  Pillars in mind. "Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical aspects of the game are equally important - you can't just be great at one and completely leave out another."

Malagisi brings over 25+ years of coaching experience in various clubs and organizations Nationwide.  Founder and operator of an elite soccer academy for player development. Experience serving as General Manager for two professional soccer teams. Effective builder of winning soccer programs for Collegiate teams, Olympic Development programs, elite travelling clubs and Professional league teams, as well as Youth Development Programs and Organizations, coaching both men’s and women’s teams. 

In additional to his experience a Licensed Professional Soccer coach, Malagisi is also a Licensed Nurse with certification in CPR and extensive experience in athletic training with focus on Brain Injury. With his experience in Soccer, Education and Brain Injury he has put together a Soccer Development programs resulting in a safe, fun and educational environment 

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