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Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

After close to 25 years of coaching at all levels of the Game, our Founder and Owner Victor Malagisi  wanted to make a change in the world of youth soccer. No more pay to play, with less than qualified coaches. An accent does NOT make a coach.  

A way to make this empowering change Coach Malagisi decided to start his own training company. In 2010, he started with a handful of players. Training them on small sided fields and focusing on individual skills, player confidence and ball control.

Growing as a Coach

Since 2010, Coach Malagisi, has been committed to personal growth and development as a coach in order to provide the high quality training to his players. Today, Coach Victor holds a Premier National Diploma from United Soccer Coaches. He is a certified Coaching Instruction running sessions for coaching looking to gain their National and Advanced National Diplomas through United Soccer Coaches. Additionally, Victor is a member of the National Disabilities Council within United Soccer Coaches, focusing on curriculum for coaches to best include players with disabilities as part of the team. 

MyLocalSoccer - a Community

Coach Malagisi had a vision, to provide professional local soccer coaching to players in the local area where-ever that local area might be. Starting in NY start, moving to NJ, CA and now the Richmond VA area, - My Local Soccer is just that - a local place for players to come together with a sense of community and include and the love of soccer. 

Guaranteed Quality of Training

When Victor Malagisi started the company he had committed to quality training for each player, anything less is simply unacceptable. 

In order to provide quality training, Coach Malagisi is heavily involved in the process, and you will often find him on the field running most of the sessions especially in the Richmond VA area. 

Any coaches hired by MyLocalSoccer possess at least an Advanced National Diploma from United Soccer Coaches to guarantee continuity of philosophy and training. YOU CAN REST ASSURED -  WHEN YOU CHOOSE MYLOCALSOCCER - YOU CHOOSE QUALITY

To Learn More:

Please Call: 1 (518) 774-5913


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