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About the Company

Founded by Our Director, Owner and President Victor J Malagisi. My Local Professional Soccer Training Services are here to help you meet your Individual, Team and Organizational Soccer Needs. 

We are committed to bringing exceptional training, education and a fun environment to soccer lovers of all ages. Using a variety of Methodologies our Programs are tailored to individual needs, goals,  and level of experience, whether you are trying to make the High School Soccer Team, Running a Soccer Organization or have a young child who for the first time decided to try out soccer. 


We Stand Behind Our Training

Individual and Group Training Sessions

Our cutting edge methodology and training enhances develops good player habits with regard to technical, tactical, physical and mental skills thus propelling him/her to greater playing ability on the field.

Director of Coaching

Our Director of Coaching Services are designed to develop and improve coaches so that players maximize their potential at all ages. Accomplishing this lofty objective requires wide-ranging, and very different types of professional program management skills.

Cutting Edge Soccer Education Services

Our programs for camps, clinics and seminars helps players and coaches keep up on the latest skills related to the Four Pillars of Soccer. Our curriculum focuses on player development in competitive environments to enhance the players technical, tactical, physical and mental skills necessary for player success on and off the pitch.

Player, Team and Program Consultation

We are available for player, team and program consultation in an effort to help soccer community keep up on the ever changing game. Consultation on player development, coaching education, administration, training and more. 

Mentorship Program

As a veteran coach and player for over 40 years, Victor services as a mentor for programs in need of help to mentor their young and inexperienced coaches through use of positive verbal, visual and written feedback to the new appointed coach and players.The mentor provides support, encouragement and camaraderie.

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